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Above: Iwatsu E-CS
Control Unit

Enterprise-CS Series Telephones

The Iwatsu Enterprise 4.0 Communications Server utilizes QuadFusion™ Technology to fuse the four dominant communication protocols onto one platform. SIP, VoIP, TDM, and H.323 can be used alone or in tandem, making the Iwatsu Enterprise 4.0 a truly versatile system. And the Iwatsu Enterprise 4.0 Communications Server operates as a true media bridge gateway that converges and transmits both voice and data traffic.

All models are equipped with these great features:

  • Versatility

    Versatile platform that supports SIP, H.323, VoIP and TDM alone or in any combination

  • Remote IP Access

    Remote IP stations can access the ECS through an internet-mode (non-VPN connection)

  • Expandability

    Reliable modular design allows small companies to grow up to 1024 ports with add-on features and applications

  • PC Ready

    My ECPhone allows station users to change features easily from their PC

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